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10 top tips for mums on how to look good at the school gates

by FAMILY talk

Mums put themselves under an awful lot of pressure to be perfect at everything, and it seems looking their best at the school gates has been added to their already stressful to do list. Helen Venables is Managing Director of House of Colour and here are her top ten tips on how to get it right at the school gates with minimal effort.

  1. Within your colour scheme, pick the colours that suit you best and dress up a simple outfit with a statement item in one of your wow shades. A staple accessory like a scarf or a statement necklace could be the perfect thing to spice up your outfit, so you can still pull off your everyday clothes, but with a colourful twist.
  2. Try a simple jacket within your colour scheme and style. It’s often tempting to wear the same old coat that’s been in the back of the wardrobe for years. Instead, try dressing up in a casual jeans and boots look with a wonderful jacket which emphasises your personality. Always stick to the right colours and it’s a simple fix to complete your look.
  3. Add some glam to items that can be considered frumpy. A classic knitted jumper doesn’t have to look like something from 90’s TV. But get out of the standard school gate look and into something which is more on trend. It’s minimal effort and it looks good. Stick to colours in your season and you can pull this look off easily.
  4. Try changing your jean style to flatter your shape. Everyone needs jeans but to look great they also need to reflect your personality and fit your body. Consider investing here – you know you will wear them a lot!
  5. Show off your favourite part of you. Whether it’s legs, shoulders or arms, show the parts of you that make you feel confident! Use accessories to draw the eyes to where you want them to look!
  6. Having a good coat can lift any outfit and no one need know that jam-stained tops are to be found underneath. Perhaps avoid light colours which can easily show stains for ultimate wear-ability.
  7. Since lower heels are always in the shops there will be interesting choices on the market. Comfy shoes are vital but show your personality with some zebra flats or bang on-trend trainers. Step out of your comfort zone and try something different but which still suits your personality and makes you smile!
  8. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a new haircut when you need it. It is amazing how well-cut hair enhances your look. Make sure your hair is the colour it is supposed to be and that the cut suits your face shape and personality!
  9. Having two good statement bags helps mums feel and look good at the school gates. Buy one in a neutral colour and another in a wow colour that will make your neutral outfit zing! Bags are key to any outfit at any time. Not to mention the importance of housing a good snack or two for your kids on the way home from a long day at school.
  10. During the rainy seasons, a fabulous pair of wellies or an umbrella in your wow colours can add fun and statement to your outfit and be a great talking point!

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