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A Cup of Mindfulness

by FAMILY talk

In these unprecedented times, where working, living, schooling all under one roof is the “new normal” it’s not surprising we are starting to feel the strain.

As we negotiate our way through each “new normal” day wearing many different hats – teacher, chef, cleaner, working mum would you not like the chance to take a 5-minute break?

I have recently been doing an online “Mindfulness” course with Helen Jeffery-Ridges from A Cup of Mindfulness 

I have benefited so much from it that I asked Helen if I could share some of her advice with my readers, she kindly offered this article.

This is just a small snippet of what “Mindfulness” is, however, I hope it will give you the chance to try it in this small dose and encourage you to look into it further.

A simple 5-minute “Mindfulness” practice to help you start your day by Helen Jeffery-Ridges.

The Cambridge Dictionary definition of Mindfulness:

The practice of being aware of your body, mind and feelings in the present moment to create a feeling of calm

I’ve always thought that Mindfulness is like a cup of tea. Something that is always there to lift our spirits just when we need it. Something we can turn to in our hour of need to soothe the soul.

A cup of tea can be something we make so many times every day but don’t really think about what we are doing. How often do you make a cup of tea in the mornings on automatic pilot?

Some of our routines are done without even thinking about them. We boil the kettle, put the tea into the cup, our mind elsewhere planning the day or listening to the radio.

What if you spent those few minutes when making a cup of tea and making it a Mindfulness few minutes?

So rather than thinking about your ‘to do’ list and the emails and social media you need to check, what if you put on the kettle and enjoyed a few minutes of deep relaxation? It might sound impossible? Mornings can be busy and stressful for many of us. No time to stop and do some Mindfulness. No time especially to dedicate to ourselves. But what if just by spending a few precious minutes with your cup of tea, you could feel calm and relaxed and ready to start the day?

Let’s give it a try

  • Start by choosing your favourite cup, the one that feels good to hold or has good memories
  • When you turn on the tap to fill the kettle, listen to the sound of the water rushing in, does it sound like a flowing river
  • While the kettle is boiling, use this time to breathe and clear your mind, maybe imagining a flowing river rushing through the mountainside
  • When the kettle has boiled, try looking at the boiling water as you pour it into your cup, watching as the clear, steaming water slowly changes and becomes the colour of the tea
  • When adding your milk, hold your cup and just for a few beautiful moments take a couple of deep breaths, feeling the steam on your face and the heat of the tea in the cup warming your hands
  • How does it feel to make this moment special? Just feel that heat from your hands passing down through your whole body.
  • Imagine the heat is a bright, white light that moves down through your body easing out any tension and pain it finds
  • Let your body relax with the heat, closing your eyes and letting your mind follow your breath as you gently breathe in and out
  • Breathe in – you know you are breathing in – breathing in the heat from your cup of tea
  • Breathe out – you know you are breathing out – breathing out calmness and serenity
  • Take a sip of tea and let the hot liquid soothe your mind and body as you feel it flow down inside you.
  • The magic of this amber liquid restoring your energy and calming your body

Just for a few quiet moments leave off the radio, leave the plans for the day behind and just enjoy a cup of Mindfulness.

Helen runs 4-week courses online, one-to-one sessions, talks and retreats. Find out more Facebook: Helen Jeffery-Ridges A Cup of Mindfulness or email Helen direct:


You can read more about self-care in our article “Self Care for Locked Down Mums” and if you would like to introduce your children to mindfulness check out this piece with 10 Ideas to help your Childs Wellbeing during covid_19 


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About The Author

Helen Jeffery-Ridges

Helen Jeffery-Ridges has been using Mindfulness and yoga for relaxation for many years and trained to teach Mindfulness for Life courses in 2016 in Totnes in Devon. Her passion is in encouraging people to use Mindfulness during every day life, to help them relax and enjoy a less stressful way of living. “Mindfulness has helped me look at my life in a different way. It helps us focus by using the breath to calm our feelings and wakes us up to living in the present. It’s great for both adults and children and can be fun to do as a family.” Helen runs 4 week courses online, one-to-one sessions, talks and retreats. Find out more Facebook: Helen Jeffery-Ridges A Cup of Mindfulness or email Helen direct: