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A Guide to Baby Keepsake Boxes: What to Include and When to Start

by FAMILY talk

It’s never too early to start thinking about keeping a collection of mementoes. Kirsty Prankerd, from personalised gift providers, Write From The Heart, shares her advice for putting together a keepsake box full of happy memories for you and your baby.

As your baby grows up, it’s natural to feel a desire to hang onto the things they’ve grown out of or keep a detailed diary of their development. But, have you considered how this collection of keepsakes can also be a treasure for your little one to discover when they are grown? That’s not to mention how it can be an invaluable source of information about themselves and who they are.

Below are my tips for putting together a keepsake box for your baby that can keep those precious memories safe and make the perfect, personal gift in years to come.

Choose the right box

The size of the keepsake box you need depends on how much you want to keep in it. Smaller boxes are better suited to including a few select items to represent one moment in time, like their birth or a birthday, whereas larger boxes and chests can be used to store mementoes from their whole childhoods.

The style of box you choose is a matter of personal taste, but it should be made as special as possible. Many boxes can be personalised with their name, date of birth, or a sentimental message. You can even print a photograph of your baby directly onto the box to create something that is entirely theirs.

Start as early as possible

The idea to put together a baby keepsake box may have only come to you after giving birth when you suddenly realise how many tiny, sentimental things you want to keep hold of. However, you can work backwards and document the whole of your baby’s journey into the world by including a few ‘bump’ pictures, so they can see how they used to fit in your tummy, as well as any sonograms and appointment cards you managed to keep.

Hang onto their hospital name band and the outfit they wore in their first few days; immediately after the birth it can get a bit busy and hazy, so it’s nice to keep some relics from that time and remember when you first met properly.

Other things to include

There are plenty of other things you can include in a keepsake box that will be fun to look back on in years to come. Many include a copy of the newspaper from the day a baby was born, so they can read about the world they were born into. Others include a copy of the top 40 singles chart, so they can laugh at the cheesy music.

It’s a good idea to include gifts from as many different family members as possible. You probably received a lot of teddy bears and baby blankets that may seem superfluous now, but one day your baby can discover them and remember who was there to celebrate their birth.

Photo albums are a great way for your child to see their first hugs and holidays, and you could even pop in their birthday cards alongside the appropriate photographs. Similarly, keep a scrapbook of their achievements, like a collection of their baby swimming certificates and, eventually, school reports.

Using the tips in this guide, you can begin to put together a keepsake box for your baby that you, and they, will cherish forever.

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