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Author: Anisa Lewis

A Helping Hand with Homework

Whether we agree with homework or not, Schools are sending work home with our children to support and reinforce the learning taking place in the classroom. This ranges from reading books, spellings, maths work and perhaps depending on their age a project to work on. We are our child’s role model here and how we view homework they will too, think carefully before you articulate your thoughts on this subject in front of your off spring.

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Connecting With the Family During Lockdown

During lockdown, how are you fostering family connection and family time?
When you are not wrestling with routines, home schooling, cooking, cleaning, running the business or working from home, plus finding time for yourself, how are you actually spending your ‘down time’?

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How to help your family have the best Summer ever

How do you feel about the Summer?
Excited that perhaps the pace is slower, you have a family holiday booked and there will be lots of happy memories made.
Perhaps worried that there will be lots of juggling of childcare, how you are going to keep the kids busy and the costs, don’t even get me started on that one!!

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Tips for tackling tantrums

Every child will have a tantrum and every parent knows what a nightmare it is when it happens. You end up potentially saying and doing things you wouldn’t if you were feeling calmer and perhaps more in control of the situation. There are times when I think most mums wished the ground would swallow them up, myself included, as their child chooses to tantrum in the most public of places.

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Self-care for Parents

Where does self-care fit into your day, week or month? Or are you so far from self-care that you are wondering what on earth I am talking about?
Anisa Lewis – Coach and Director of Parenting Success Yorkshire tells us more

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