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Author: Smalltalk Magazine

Self-Care Advice for Locked Down Mums

If you are anything like us, your self-care routine has probably gone out of the window since the CV-19 outbreak and you are craving just a few minutes of ‘me-time’.
Here we share some ways of clawing back a brief moment for you, and you alone, amongst all of the chaos and uncertainty. We asked some mums to share real and practical advice for doing self-care in 12 minutes or less and this is what they said.

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Digital Free Family Boating Holidays on the Canal

Canal boating holidays are great for an active family break, learning new skills and sharing the fun of navigation and mooring away from the madding crowd and the madness of the digital world we now live.
If you have never tried it or thought it not suitable for children then I would encourage you to take a closer look.

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