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Supporting a child with a cognitive deficit disorder

In recent weeks, the news agenda has been saturated with discoveries of ‘off-rolling’, whereby schools suspend ‘problematic’ students, forcing them to look for other schools or to be educated at home. For many parents whose children are affected by cognitive deficit disorders, such as ADHD, ADD and autism, this is likely to be a near-constant worry. Here, Melissa Würtz Azari, co-founder and CPO at Tiimo, shares her best tips on how to support a child with a cognitive deficit disorder.

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How to Get Rid of Nits for Good!

Parents dread their children picking up head lice and in reality it will probably happen more than once. This makes lots of tiresome extra work for you when fighting them off, especially if you have several children. However there are some really effective ways to treat this common problem. Pharmacist and parent, Daniel Brash gives his tried and tested top tips.

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