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8 Yoga Poses to Practice With Your Kids

Yoga is a way of life. Add children to that, in their naturally curious and playful state, and yoga becomes play. This is a beautiful way for parents and children to connect because parents get to move and stretch their body, recognise the rhythm of their breath and momentarily detach from the monkey mind while children get to play with Mummy or Daddy. What a trade off!

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De-Stress for the Whole Family

Changes and uncertainty can cause you to feel stressed or to worry repetitively. The Coronavirus has thrown up an array of new problems creating a huge amount of change in a short space of time. It is a time of change here Ailsa has put together 4 tips to help you cope, eliminate stress and improve your future by making the right decisions.

Some of the problems I have been helping clients with are not being able to be at funerals or hug loved one, the pressure of home-schooling, fears for health, and, financial, business or job worries, others include loneliness or boredom contrasted with being burnt out from working harder than ever said Ailsa

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You Are Only as Young as Your Spinal Column!

Pilates is known for being a core-strengthening exercise. And while this is true, Pilates will build up your core, there is so much more to it.
I was interested to learn where Pilates had born from and Chloe Hart, a Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor in Selby provided me with this wealth of information on this form of exercise. Intriguing!

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Would You Like Help Coping With Your Child’s Hay Fever?

It is estimated that around a third of children in the UK are affected by hay fever every summer – resulting in itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and general exhaustion. Airborne allergens expert Max Wiseberg offers parents some handy advice for hay fever sufferers in their family.

“Much has changed since I was a child with hay fever,” says Max Wiseberg, “some of it, including the range and effectiveness of treatments available, very much for the better. But not all: both the proportion of people in the general population suffering from allergies, and the proportion of sufferers who are children, have increased. Of course, one thing hasn’t changed: the misery it brings – for the child who suffers, and the parent who suffers with the child.”
“So what can parents do to help their family manage their hay fever symptoms? Quite a lot, fortunately. Here are some practical ideas to help. As with many other things, prevention is better than cure!”

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Self-Care Advice for Locked Down Mums

If you are anything like us, your self-care routine has probably gone out of the window since the CV-19 outbreak and you are craving just a few minutes of ‘me-time’.
Here we share some ways of clawing back a brief moment for you, and you alone, amongst all of the chaos and uncertainty. We asked some mums to share real and practical advice for doing self-care in 12 minutes or less and this is what they said.

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