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8 year old changing how children with ADHD are perceived

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8 Year old young lady creates her own YouTube channel to help break down stigmas attached to ADHD

Any of us with children know how much YouTube is a part of their child’s daily life. Any of us with children suffering from ADHD or learning difficulties know this even more so. From early morning renditions of Baby Shark and repetitive re-runs of Peppa Pig, to picking them up from school and keeping them quiet on the car journey home, tablets and mobile phones make it easy for us to keep our children, especially those facing difficulties, entertained.

Sometimes, however, children can see this as something different. They see it as a way to be heard, to be seen, to tell the world their thoughts. This is definitely the case with Scarlett Maisy Wallwork, the head honcho here at SMW.TV and who is diagnosed with ADHD and learning difficulties.

In just over 9 months with no experience, Scarlett has attained over 120,000 views on her videos, reviewing toys and games for well established companies and also to help out in advertising some less well known brands. She has over 1000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and also has an amazing following of 6,000 people on Instagram, not bad for an 8 year old! This was entirely Scarlett’s own idea after watching some of her favourite vloggers on their YouTube channels. What is even more remarkable is that she is diagnosed with ADHD and learning difficulties.

She is fighting back the stigma surrounding these two diagnoses and has found something that gives her a platform to be herself and express herself in a way she couldn’t before. The changes in her attitude and demeanour since starting this have been incredible and a joy for everyone involved to witness.

Her phenomenal rise can be attributed to her way with words, how she engages with her audience, her focus on the camera and her work ethic. Attributing all of these factors, her rise has been meteoric and we are looking forward to the next 12 months and what they have in store for Scarlett and the rest of us here at SMW.TV.

Scarlett is currently looking for new things to review and vlog about so if you have any opportunities you feel would suit we would be interested to hear from you.

Please contact: or call 07599404174.

More information:

SMW.TV YouTube channel can be found here:


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