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Crafting Ideas for Making the Perfect Gift

by FAMILY talk

With many celebratory occasions taking place throughout the year (especially in lockdown) it can be difficult trying to come up with new and exciting gift ideas to show people how much you love and appreciate them.

If your child is wanting to send a gift, opting for a more personalised present is a great way to help them explore their creative side whilst also spending quality time with them yourself.

Getting crafty at home with the kids will not only provide you with the perfect gift, it can aid your child’s development, particularly their early years.

Providing practical crafting opportunities can help them to spend more of their free time at home away from the lure of digital devices.

They’ll love getting lost in cuttings and sticky glue; and will end up with a sentimental, unique and highly personalised gift that will last forever.

In this article, we explore a few simple but effective crafting projects that can be transformed into the perfect gift that any special person in your life would gratefully receive.


At first thought, pottery might seem a messy and long winded process but actually it’s quite simple to produce at home.

You can even make your own clay, known as sourdough clay, primarily using flour and salt mixed with oil and water, followed by setting in the oven.

Alternatively, you can purchase air dry clay which can be left to set in the open air ready to decorate or even select already coloured varieties.

And it’s not that hard to get started! Decide what you wish to make, for example, a vase, cup or statue and depending on the size you wish, use the desired amount of clay and begin to mould into shape.

A good tip is to leave to dry/bake overnight and split the creative time into 2 separate sessions.

Once fully dry, the next step is just as fun; decoration! Materials include painting as well as glitter, stickers, sequins, feathers – the possibilities can be endless.

After some further drying time, your pottery masterpiece will be complete and ready to deliver.

Paper Flowers

Everyone loves flowers and this year instead of buying a bunch from the shops, why not make your own beautiful bouquet?

Paper flowers can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. With online tutorials, you can follow origami style paper folding and cutting to recreate your favourite flowers in a variety of colours and textures using various paper and tissues.

For a more simple form why not scrunch coloured tissue paper and attach to the end of straws which will make for an effective flower recreation?

Once you have made your flowers you can even add some sparkle with glitter and gems to the centre.

Personalised painting

A great keepsake from any child is a personalised painting such as using their hands and feet.

Depending on the occasion and using a bit of imagination these body parts can transform into a range of creative images, including the body or face for any animal.

Flowers are also a popular choice and simple to create using hands.  To make a bouquet, dip a child’s hand into green paint to form the flower stems and finish by adding fingerprint petals in an assortment of colours.

These can be gifted in the form of cards, in frames or to decorate an object.

Papier Mache

Papier mache is another great way to bring a project to life. Mix pva glue in a 1:2 ratio or make a similar mixture from flour 1:1 ratio until you get a thick glue-like consistency.

The next step is to choose your material, which should be a thin layer of paper such as newspaper or tissue paper.

Let the paper soak well in the glue before layering onto your chosen model.

Ideas could include plant pots, bowls, animals (bodies and heads) and masks.

To make a smoother outer layer a thin paper can be used which will make the surface easier for painting.

Once fully dry, you can begin to decorate with paints, glitter and an array of other crafting materials.

Crafting is a perfect opportunity to encourage creative thinking whilst also improving fine motor skills and of course, having lots of fun at the same time. Choosing the perfect gift has never been such an enjoyable experience!

Thanks Charlotte Baldwin, Operations Manager at IQ Cards for providing this feature.

IQ Cards are a fundraising company that provide schools and establishments with the necessary tools to fundraise via selling high-quality and unique gifts designed by pupils.

For more info: Go to IQ Cards website


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