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De-Stress for the Whole Family

by HEALTH talk

Changes and uncertainty can cause you to feel stressed or to worry repetitively. The Coronavirus has thrown up an array of new problems creating a huge amount of change in a short space of time. Ailsa Frank Author and Hypnotherapist has put together 4 tips to help you cope, eliminate stress and improve your future by making the right decisions.

“Some of the problems I have been helping clients with are not being able to be at funerals or hug loved one, the pressure of home-schooling, fears for health, and, financial, business or job worries, others include loneliness or boredom contrasted with being burnt out from working harder than ever” said Ailsa

Everyone has had a different experience through the past few months so it is important to be supportive of each other as some are being paid to not work whilst others are working round the clock to save others or save their business to keep jobs afloat for employees.
Excess pressure can raise personal or household stress which can also lead to relationship friction, excess drinking, anxiety or mild depression.

Here are 4 tips to help you through these changing times

Remember Nothing is forever and this is only a phase

It is important to see any situation as a phase that you and everyone else is passing through. By imagining it as a moving situation it can help you to go forward and avoid feeling stuck. Our lives are a series of journeys some more challenging than others but you do have the skills and life experience to come through everything somehow. Visualise a paper boat floating downstream following the easiest route down the river, imagine yourself flowing like the paper boat. Imagine each family member has their own paper boat and is making their own way through life just fine, and you are all flowing with the changes.

You are doing well

You are probably doing very well under the circumstances, if you are feeling down, sad or worried try to remind yourself that you are doing well. It is okay to have a bad moment but accept it and then blow it away to let it go. We tend to emotionally drag ourselves down rather than boosting ourselves – everyday write a list of 10 things that are AMAZING about yourself and the way you are coping. Say to yourself ‘Well done me’.

Imagine it is all behind you

There can be good and bad things that come from the coronavirus situation including people making positive changes to improve their personal lives and authorities and governments making better decisions in the wider world. To alleviate worries, imagine it is ten years from now, it is 2030, and you are looking back on having had a great life. Imagine you have embraced the changes with things having worked out amazingly well and many positives coming out of 2020. By looking back at the past, it will stop your mind worrying about the uncertainty which will help you to actually create a better life. List 10 things that you would have achieved during this time to focus your mind on how you would like it to be. This will help you create a positive bright future.

Make the right decisions

During the Coronavirus lockdown many people have been reassessing their lives and how they can change things for the better. Be careful not to flip from one extreme to the other for instance someone who has been living a fast-paced career may want to give up everything and do nothing when it would be better to improve the way they run their life rather than run from it. When we have more time on our hands people tend to notice all the decorating or garden improvements that need doing and it can be easy to blow the budget and just go for it all. But instead, be sensible with making short- and long-term changes, try writing a list of all your goals and then schedule to slowly incorporate them into your life over the next 1, 3, 5 and 10 years. It is always good to have a plan for the future otherwise years easily roll by with no direction. e.g. You want to be mortgage-free by retirement then make a plan of how you could achieve this. Or you want to get on better with a partner then discuss how you could both improve your relationship.

Hypnosis and Message recordings available to help you

Ailsa has recorded this set of hypnosis and positive message recordings which could be the answer to setting you all free from the strain of your lives. Imagine everyone falling asleep at bedtime whilst the messages wash away worries so you all wake up rested and refreshed. The messages will reset the whole family so you can sleep better and work well together for a happier calmer life.

Onzlo’s Relaxation for Kids (Aged 3-6 years)

The adorable character, Onzlo, speaks positive messages to release worries and create happy feelings. Enter the magical garden where changes happen easily and where new self- belief comes true. Onzlo’s calming words reassure, encourage and motivate young listeners into a balanced way of living and reacting to life. The download covers general everyday things relevant to this age group. In a changing world where extra pressures are all around the visualisations exercises will create a daily relaxation routine. Most children secretly worry about something the messages will help guide their mind into solution focussed thinking helping them to reach their true potential.

Relaxation for Children (Aged 7-12 years)

This recording will help your child to let go of daily stresses and allow them to build a comfortable self-belief. In a changing world where extra pressures are all around, the visualisations exercises help them to cope better. The recording also creates a habit of making daily relaxation part of their routine. Most children secretly worry about something. The messages will help guide their mind into solution focussed thinking. They will learn to release negative habits and patterns to help get the best out of themselves.

Relaxation for Teens (Aged 13-18 years)

This hypnosis download will help pupils get the best out of themselves by letting go of worries and negative thinking which may be holding them back. The techniques used combine relaxation and motivation exercises to release daily stresses, creating calm ways of dealing with life and a new positive inner belief for success. Easy to listen to with engaging techniques to help with study, exams, socialising, activities, sport, confidence, education and family life.

De-Stress Your Life (for parents)

This relaxation hypnosis download will allow you to release the stress in your life. When we are stressed we create habits of life being harder than it needs to be. The techniques will help off load your negative habits and patterns giving you a more optimistic outlook. By managing daily stress you will be in a more positive frame of mind and you may be surprised at how good things start to happen more and more. You will find yourself embracing opportunities and appreciating the good in your life. An enjoyable relaxation to get life into balance.

The Hypnosis downloads range from £9.99 to £14.99

Other titles include: Take control of alcohol, Stop worrying, Boost Confidence & Self Esteem, Lose weight, Relaxation for teens, Goodnights’ sleep, Exam success, Heartbreak & Loss. You may like to try Ailsa’s International book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing which has easy to do techniques to steer your life in a positive direction (rrp £10.99 – published by Hay House). Instagram and Twitter: @AilsaFrank & Facebook: Ailsa Frank Author and Hypnotherapist


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Ailsa Frank is a British hypnotherapist, self-help Hay House Author and motivational speaker with a compassionate yet no-nonsense approach. Through workshops, talks, one-to-one therapy, her range of hypnosis downloads and book, she has already helped thousands of people to identify what they need to change in order to improve their lives. She works with an array of topics including work stress, relationships, alcohol/addictions, fears, sleep, sales motivation, business success, confidence building, children and teens and emotional issues.