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Fun Ideas to Get the Kids Interested in Household Chores

by FAMILY talk

When the children are not studying these fun ideas for getting help with jobs & household chores around the home will benefit the whole family, and, at the same time teach them some great life skills!

Many parents will now be adjusting their diaries to get tasks done – juggling children, housework and projects for the office.

Lynsey, the Queen of Clean, and family favourite laundry and cleaning brand ACE, have worked together to turn household chores into activities that kids can get involved in.

Planning and Preparation:

  • At the beginning of each week draw up a chore rota.
  • Colour coordinate it based on who does what chore, and when. Include parents, carers and siblings in the chart and block out the time you need to work.
  • Find out what chores your family members may prefer and allocate these accordingly.


  • Set them the task of dividing clothes into piles; white, colours, delicates, wools etc.
  • Teach them to hang out washing (if weather is suitable)
  • Get them to sort the dried clothing into piles for each family member and make it their own responsibility to put it away!

Cooking/Kitchen duties:

  • Draw up a weekly menu and allocate each family member a meal to prepare and cook
  • Teach the children about food preparation, storage and planning by making large batches of food/soup from cooking to cooling and freezing
  • Set aside some time for baking
  • Make a rota for clearing the mealtime crockery/cutlery, either washing and drying up duties or loading the dishwasher
  • Allocate someone to empty the dishwasher if this is the case


  • Plant some easy to grow herbs and small vegetable plants in the garden or in window boxes
  • Weeding the beds and trimming back plants is also a great activity

Decluttering and Organising:

  • Why not get your kids to pull out their toy boxes and cupboards and find toys/games they no longer play with
  • Sort them into piles – one pile to pass to younger siblings, one pile for the charity shop or hospital and a pile for disadvantaged children
  • Teach them about e-commerce – perhaps arrange to list and sell some on selling sites, making your children some pocket money in the process
  • Or arrange a garage sale for when lockdown is over.

Washing Cars and Bikes:

  • Get them to get their bikes, scooters and outdoor toys out and give them a good spring clean
  • Reward them with a bike ride in the open air of a park or recreational area
  • Get them to wash and hoover the family car. A small fee would be just the motivation!

And finally: Make it fun with Music:

  • Create a playlist, as a family, that can be played whilst doing chores
  • Get every member of the house to choose their favourite tunes
  • Pick songs that will help motivate you to work, whilst being enjoyable for the children as they do the chores

Lynsey, the Queen of Clean, comments: “It is vital now children are not going to school that we remember that they are still children. Getting messy and doing fun things is as important as sitting down to educate them. Equally, we need the children to be occupied so that we are able to balance our day with work, educating them and getting things done round the house.”

Shirley Peet, Marketing Manager for ACE comments “We will be continually updating our ACE blog here with information to assist everyone – from fun activities for the children, household chores to get the kids involved in and tips to clean up their mess too”.

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