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Keeping Baby Cool this Summer

by FAMILY talk

As the warm weather approaches, parents begin to wonder how they should keep babies cool. Becky Palmer, Smalltalk contributor shares her advice on the best practice to keep those little ones happy in the sun.

5 Ways of Keeping Babies Happy in the Sun

  1. Keeping baby in the shade is essential to keeping them cool. If baby is laid in a pram or pushchair then using a parasol is excellent for keeping them out of direct sunlight. Be aware of draping anything over the pram such as muslin cloths or blankets as a covering will trap heat in the pram, raising the temperature and creating a danger to babies overheating.
  2. Dress your baby for the weather. As simple as that sounds, it really is key to keeping your baby happy. It is not advised to use suncream on a baby under 6 months, due to the fragility of the skin, so keeping baby dressed in light clothing that covers exposed skin is advised or if splashing in the pool opting for a UV Factor 50 swimsuit is the best choice. If you are babywearing, then remember to reduce your clothing as well as your baby’s as the layers between clothes trap heat and you’ll both end up being hot and grumpy.
  3. Keep your baby hydrated. If your baby is breastfed then you may notice your baby’s feeds increase during the hot weather. Trust your baby, she knows exactly what she needs, so now more than ever, feed on demand. If your baby is bottle-fed, then offer some cooled, boiled water in between feeds.
  4. Have fun in a paddling pool together in a nice shady spot in the garden. There are so many baby splash pools available to keep your baby happy and having fun but just a small paddling pool that you can keep dipping in is just as effective for keeping the whole family cool.
  5. Keep your baby’s room cool by drawing the curtains or blackout blinds throughout the day. This will keep the sunlight out and be nice and cool for daytime naps and bedtime too. A fan can also be used in your baby’s room to keep the air cool and research has shown that it can reduce SIDS but remember not to point it directly onto your baby.

Happy Baby = Happy Mum!

Rebecca Palmer is an expert in baby massage, baby yoga and colic based in North Yorkshire. For more information contact Rebecca:





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