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Lifelong Reading Rewards


Research repeatedly shows that reading for pleasure when younger has a bigger impact on children’s academic success than their parents’ level of education, or economic background.

Although reading is an important part of the school curriculum –  sometimes the enjoyment factor gets lost and children never develop a love of reading.

Pressures on the timetable mean that children spend more time dissecting books and learning about subjunctives, conjunctions and subordinates rather than enjoying and appreciating a good story.

World Book Day may not be everyone’s favourite event (when you have to sort out another book character costume for your children to dress up in), however, the great thing about it is that many schools abandon their usual timetable and really celebrate books.

  1. It is more important than ever to help children develop good reading habits at home by showing that reading is fun!
  2. Start by reading more yourself. Read aloud to your children and with your children as often as possible. Don’t stop bedtime reading when they become fluent readers.
  3. Don’t let children battle through a book from school, just so you can tick a box in their reading record if you can see they are not enjoying it. Help them out!  Either forget the book totally and start something else or try reading alternate pages.

Where possible, let children choose their own reading material, ideally at the right level of ability.  If a book is too challenging, it will put them off.  There is nothing wrong with the reading same books over again.

The single most important thing you can do to help with your child’s development and education is to encourage good reading habits and reading for pleasure.

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