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Making School holidays adventure days

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Remember when we were children and we’d spend hours playing outdoors?

These days it’s harder than ever to distract our children from a screen, so is it time to switch off from the modern day madness, get out there and see what adventure is waiting!

When we were kids – fun was outdoors. Mums would complain about mucky clothes and we’d complain about having to come in for tea. We learned about our environment without consciously learning. And as a result, we know how to make the perfect mud pie, how to climb a tree and how to build an amazing den (secret password, optional).

What with phones, tablets and TVs; gaming, YouTube, Netflix and Social Media – there’s a world (wide web) of tech that seems to have stunted our children’s sense of adventure. More and more time is screen time, which means less and less time outdoors, with friends (real, non-Facebook friends), using their imagination or engaging with nature. In fact, According to a survey by TV channel Eden, in the last year, a massive 64% of children played outside less than once a week.

Most studies agree that kids who play outside are smarter, happier, more attentive, and less anxious than kids who spend more time indoors. Getting active and getting outdoors can only be a good thing for everyone. In nature, we can develop confidence in unfamiliar surroundings, learn how to think creatively in nature and discover ourselves within challenging new experiences.

So it’s easy to see what we need to do. Just get out there and see what adventures await!

Let’s get kids outdoors.

But what about the worry of strangers, traffic or heaven forbid the risk of them getting dirty? The solution seems simple – a natural, safe environment for them to learn, explore and totally be themselves. Camp Xplode is just that.

It’s the sort of place that makes the great outdoors even greater.

Held at 3 exceptional venues across Yorkshire, these unique holiday day camps give children and young adults the chance to discover their wild side – it’s a better type of childcare, albeit somewhat mucky (sorry Mums).

Every day is bursting with adventure.

Committed to providing children and young adults from 3 – 17 with the very best multi-activity day camp experience possible, children have over 40 activities to choose from as well as theme days, visiting attractions and excursions – all guaranteed to maximise fun. Each camp is tailored to your child’s interests and with a wide variety of energetic pursuits lined up each day, there’s definitely never a dull moment.

Children take part in activities such as sports, drama, crafts, games, bushcraft; picking up life-long skills without even realising. Children will unplug from technology and reconnect with the natural world. You won’t find any screens or tech here. Instead, it’s all about fresh air, fun and friendship.

Free-range fun, at its best. Isn’t that what being a kid’s all about?

Win free days at Camp Xplode in 2019!

Win a free day for Camp Xplode in 2019! Whether you are a brand new camper or have been hundreds of times, we have FIVE FREE DAYS up for grabs for five lucky winners.

The prize entitles you to a free day for a club of your choice at any of the fantastic camps! Whether you want to run with the Wolves or go on an adventure with the Bears, there is something for everyone!

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Additional information:

Upcoming day camps are scheduled for:

Summer: 8 JULY – 25 AUGUST

For more about Camp Xplode and booking visit


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