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Our Journey Back to the Pool

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Since lockdown began, everyone at Water Babies was determined to survive the storm and be ready and raring to go as soon as we were able to get back into the pool. Right from the very beginning of lockdown, we started to look ahead, plan, adapt and train to ensure that when the Government gave the green light we would be ready to get splashing back into the pool. Our key focus from day one was to ensure that we could keep our clients and staff safe and happy in their classes.

We’ve completely redefined our safety procedures and class programme to provide the utmost level of care and consideration for all of our swimmers. We want everyone to be able to swim safely and with confidence and know that they are in safe hands. We are incredibly proud and excited to be getting back into the pool and delivering our programme which has been fully redeveloped to ensure that little ones can continue to grow and develop all of the skills from our pre-Covid programme but with new techniques to allow for social distancing and with teachers now teaching from poolside.

All of our Water Babies staff are fully trained and equipped to carry out our new cleaning and safety measures to the highest standard. Rest assured customers will still receive the same warmest of welcomes while we ensure their journey with us is as safe as possible. We also want to ensure all our families feel as prepared as possible before arriving at our classes so we have added a few things:

  • Pre swimming lesson communication ensuring all our swimmers are informed of all the rules and procedures at the venue for social distancing and when not to attend classes.
  • Staff provided with full PPE and all equipment in first aid kits have been updated to be in line with Covid requirements, along with updated first aid training.
  • All of our teachers have undergone in-depth training on social distancing within our new swim programme involving teaching from the poolside.

For families who were swimming with us before lockdown, their classes will look a little different as we adjust to the ‘new normal’, but each step of our swimmer’s journeys has been thought about to ensure that social distancing can be maintained and we can keep control of the number of people attending our classes. Just some of the many adaptations we have made include:

  • One ways systems for entering and exiting our venues are in place at venues where necessary.
  • Our lesson plans have been adapted to ensure continued progress and development of skills whilst maintaining a safe social distance.
  • For the moment, spectators are not permitted at classes and all poolside seating is out of use to minimise the number of people attending our venues.
  • Regular cleaning schedules are in place and swimmers are given set arrival times to ensure no cross over between classes.

There’s one thing that has been very clear right from the start of the pandemic and that is that keeping surfaces, equipment and ourselves clean is key to controlling the spread of the virus so we are ensuring all of our venues have been subject to industry-standard deep cleaning. We always went above and beyond in the cleaning routines we had in place for our teaching equipment and our teams will also complete routine cleaning throughout the day so everyone can enjoy their class in complete confidence:

  • Touch point surfaces are subject to regular cleaning with disinfectant wipes.
  • Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser is available to customers at all venues.
  • Toys and swimming aids will be regularly disinfected with additional cleaning rotas in place.
  • We are working closely with our pool partners to ensure they continue to maintain appropriate chemical levels and water quality at our venues, just as we did pre-Covid.

Although it has been a slow and complicated journey, we can’t put into words how excited we are to gradually be returning to the pool and catching up with our existing swimmers as well as welcoming lots of new families into their Water Babies journey. We are confident that you will feel safe and excited to be in the pool and we can’t wait to see you!”

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