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Colic Finally Explained

Colic is the stuff of parenting nightmares. After 9 months of pregnancy, you can’t wait to hold your baby in your arms. You envision days of endless motherhood bliss but if you have a colicky baby then those blissful days are far from your reality. Everyone offers advice, from Great Aunt Edie, recommending whisky in the bottle (eek!! Did they really do that?) to Pamela down the road who swears by a herbal tea. It seems everyone has advice for the suffering parents but nobody really knows what it is. What is Colic?

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Calm and Happy Bedtime Routines for All the Family

A calm and consistent bedtime routine can be the key to “good sleep hygiene”. A consistent and predictable sequence of events that happens at the same time each evening can help your little one learn to understand that sleep is coming.
Claire Holness – founder of Sweetbeginnings Babycare gives us some great advice on the subject

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