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Tag: Mums

A Cup of Mindfulness

In these unprecedented times, where working, living, schooling is the “new normal”all under one roof, then it’s not surprising we are starting to feel the strain.
As we negotiate our way through each “new normal” day wearing many different hats – teacher chef, cleaner, working mum would you not like the chance to take a 5 min break?!

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Self-Care Advice for Locked Down Mums

If you are anything like us, your self-care routine has probably gone out of the window since the CV-19 outbreak and you are craving just a few minutes of ‘me-time’.
Here we share some ways of clawing back a brief moment for you, and you alone, amongst all of the chaos and uncertainty. We asked some mums to share real and practical advice for doing self-care in 12 minutes or less and this is what they said.

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