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Tips for saving on your energy bills this winter

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As Britons prepare for the winter freeze, cash savvy households are being advised on how to stay warm and keep their energy bills to a minimum this year.

The penny-pinching team at money-saving website have compiled a list of nine simple tricks to save money on energy bills this winter.

Ideas include rolling out a rug onto wooden flooring or changing to thicker curtains in the living room to preserve heat, there are several easy changes you can make to prepare for the temperature drop.

Darren Williams from said: “Most of us crank up the thermostat at this time of year but by using common sense and being resourceful around the home it’s possible to stay warm without having to deal with ridiculous energy bills.

“Simply by taking the time to do a few simple practical things around the home it really is possible to make cash go a lot further this winter.

Here are the top nine tips to prepare effectively for winter.

Insulate the loft

Prepare early and insulate as nearly a quarter of heat in a house is lost through the loft. Wall cavity insulation is effective by keeping the heat in and using less energy. According to the Energy Saving Trust, it could save around £115 a year.

Bleed all radiators

Ahead of winter bleed radiators by opening the valve to let the air out. This is much more energy efficient in saving money.

Use draught excluders

Check the edges of both inside and outside doors for draughts. An exterior door should be fitted with a brush-style strip draught excluder. Interior doors should be fitted with self-adhesive draught strips. These can easily be picked up from any homeware or hardware store.

Roll out the rugs

Wooden floors can let heat escape through cracks but by placing a rug over the top this can cover any gaps and preserve heat. It can look good and act as an insulator.

Double up your duvet

Increase the tog level on a new duvet to save extra money on heating bills over winter.

Use pipe lagging

Foam tubes which are used to insulate hot water pipes keeps the water inside the pipes hotter for longer. They can be fitted in seconds with no tools required.

Arrange furniture more efficiently

Don’t block a radiator that is switched on with a sofa, move furniture around effectively to allow the heat to circulate around the room.

Use an energy-efficient shower head

Invest in an efficient shower head which reduces the amount of hot water used, this will lower heating bills as less energy is used.

Thicken your curtains

Invest in curtains with a thicker fabric from thermal qualities or blackout material, this will create an extra layer of insulation and block out any draughts.

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